About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of researchers from Manchester Metropolitan University. We are committed to improving social and health care for people who use substances, their families and friends, and practitioners who support them.

A new approach to care for Liverpool and Sefton

Since 2019 we have been working to improve access to palliative care for people using substances and increase support for those caring for them. Along with 10 health and social care organisations across Liverpool and Sefton, people who use substances and their family caregivers, we have designed a new model of care. As part of that, we are developing information and advice that encourages us all to pay attention to the wellbeing of people who use substances and are becoming increasingly ill. This website is part of that work.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get help for myself?

Your first stop is usually the GP. You can choose which GP to see if your GP practice has more than one GP. If you have not received a respectful response in the past because of your alcohol or drug use, ask for a different GP. Alcohol and drug services will also help you address any health concerns or worries you might have – they will not judge. If you have a number of worries alongside your health concerns, for example, housing, debts, contact your local Adult Social Care service through your local council.

How do i know if my relative’s health needs assessing for supportive or end of life care?

There is no easy way to know. But if you are worried then talk to someone who can advise you. If you have a good GP who will listen to your concerns, speak to her/him first. Even if your relative is still using alcohol or other drugs, their social and health care needs deserve support from services. You could also talk to alcohol and drug services – they will not judge you or your relative. They may offer a family support service too. You could also contact Adult Social Care to see if your relative can get some support and/or ask for a carer’s assessment for yourself.

Can I get involved in your research?

Yes. If you live in the areas of Liverpool, Southport and Sefton we are keen to hear from people who use alcohol or other drugs and have serious and advancing ill health. We want to hear about your experiences of services – good and bad. If you have a family member or close friend who uses alcohol or other drugs and is very unwell, we also want to hear about your needs and experiences. Contact: Sam Wright on sam.wright@mmu.ac.uk or Sarah Galvani on s.galvani@mmu.ac.uk. You can also phone us on 07775 680418.

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