Substance use and palliative care

Practitioner Support

Family Caregivers

If you're unwell

This website is for you if:

(a) You use alcohol or other drugs and are concerned that you are seriously unwell;

(b) You used alcohol or other drugs in the past and are concerned that this will affect the health, care and other support you need;

(c) You care for someone (perhaps a family member or a friend) who uses substances and is (or might be) seriously unwell; or

(d) You are a health or social care professional who supports someone using substances who has serious and advancing ill-health.

    Latest News

    Coming soon!

    We have developed lots of new resources to support people who use substances and have serious and advancing ill health and for people who are living with or caring for that person. Keep an eye on this website!

    Briefing for family members

    A new briefing for family members supporting a relative who uses substances and has serious and advancing ill health has been developed with our national charity partners Alcohol Change UK and Adfam.

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